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First Session of "Publicity Week of International Cooperation and Exchange” HeldDate:2015-11-30    Source{curArticle.source}    Author:    Hits:

        For the purpose of enhancing the internalized education of cooperation in communication, and facilitating more students grasping the basic information of joint-training programs initiated between BIGC and overseas universities and colleges, and understanding the relevant polices of study overseas, the International College held the first session of Week of International Cooperation and Exchangewhich lasts for one week at BIGC from 18 to 23 in November. During this week, International Education College held a series of lectures concerning programs of study overseas and an exhibition of vertical billboard concerning relevant programs, which lasts for one and a half day from 18 to the middle of 19 in November, to introduce the 11 overseas study programs (“the External Training Program (abroad)”, the CHEPD 121 duel degree programs, the Joint Training programs with Edinburgh Napier University, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Canberra in Australia, the College of Publishing in Pace University and the Student Exchange Program of Chiba University, etc.) initiated between BIGC and overseas universities. During the exhibition, many students are attracted by the vivid descriptions presented on the vertical billboards exhibited and were eager to communicate all the times with the faculties from International Education College for consultation.

Students were attracted by the descriptions provided on the vertical billboards

On the afternoon of November 18, Liu Faqun (the Vice Director of CHEPD 121 Program) was invited to hold lectures at the Main campus and the sub-campus of Kangzhuang respectively. He introduced the CHEPD 121 Programs in his lectures in details. 137 universities and colleges from China and America participated in the CHEPD 121 Programs (110 from China and 27 from America) in all. The 27 American universities and colleges are public and were officially authenticated by the Ministry of Education. Students can choose to go abroad for further study under the traing model of “1+2+1” or “2+2” and achieved the degrees and diplomas granted by BIGC and US partners simultaneously at the completion of 4 years of study.

Liu Faqun introduced the programs in lecture

On November 23, Professor Ashley (Initiative of study Abroad Program) from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (an oversea partner of “External Training Program”) was invited to hold a lecture. Ashly gave a detailed introduction of the requirements and procedures for applications, provided some valuable suggestions and gave a direction for the students to follow in their preparation of representative works.

Professor Ashley gave an introduction of the University of the Arts London


More and more international cooperation programs are initiated to provide opportunities for the students to go abroad for further study. It’s not only a precious opportunity for the students to broaden their vision and accumulate their experiences in participating in the joint training program of overseas study, but also a good chance for them to achieve duel degrees in the least time.