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BIGC Was Approved as a Member of the “External Training Plan(abroad)” Date:2015-11-30    Source{curArticle.source}    Author:    Hits:

        In the early 2015, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and relevant subdivisions reviewed the report submitted by BIGC and highly appreciated BIGC’s efforts in communicating with overseas world-renowned universities and colleges to provide opportunities of developing students in specialized disciplines and majors and preparing BIGC a international university with its own characteristics in media. BIGC communicated with relevant governmental departments and was admitted as a member of the “External Training Planabroad” (hereinafter referred to as ETPabroad), in which 12 universities and colleges in Beijing were participated。
Among the 6 institutions of higher education in Beijing admitted to “External Training Plan abroad” and “External Training Plandomestic” as publicized by the media in recent days, only 2 universities (BIGC was included) were admitted to the two plans. Under the model of 121 Sino-US joint training program, it’s proposed that 8 freshmen who are from Beijing and admitted to BIGC under the national unified universities and colleges entrance examination system would be admitted to the “ETPabroad” of studying abroad as targeted-area students in the second and third academic years. And presently 4 students who are evenly selected from the school of Engineering and Digital Media are admitted and will be sent to Ball State University to study in Graphic Arts Management of the College of Applied Sciences and Technology, and courses concerning TV and films in Telecommunications of the College of Communication, Information, and Media. The government will provide the tuition fees and international travel expenses during their duration of stay at BSU。
In early Mayfor the purpose of extending the scope of “ETPabroad”, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education proposed to select students from universities and colleges in Beijing and send them abroad for further study in the fall semester. With the experiences already accumulated, BIGC actively engaged in the selection. 22 students were admitted through competitive selection by the end of June and are preparing for their one-year study at UAL (University of the Arts London), NTUA (National Taiwan University of Arts), and BSU (Ball State University) respectively.
        In the implementation of “ETPabroad”, the school administrators attaches much attention and held 7 meetings of coordination since March of this year. The first session was hosted by Liu Chaomei, the Secretary of Party Committee at BIGC. At the meeting, it’s proposed that Xu Wencai, the Vice President who is in charge of international affairs would be responsible for the affaires concerning “ETP abroad”, with the assistance from Wang Guanyi, the Vice President in charge of Teaching. In coordination with the School of International Education, the Office of Educational Administrative, the School of Arts and Design, the School of Press and Publishing, the School of Printing and Packaging Engineering, the School of Information Science and Engineering, and the Department of International Communication cooperated together to enhance the development of “ETPabroad”. Guided by the principle of “Student-Oriented”, all the departments are courageous enough to bear the burden, support each other, and succeeded in mutual cooperation to promote the implementation of “ETPabroad” in all aspects. For the purpose of promoting the communications with overseas universities, improving the quality of teaching management and enhancing the cooperation in the construction of course articulation, series of innovative practices are adopted by staff and faculty members from BIGC to disseminate information about the plan, motivate students to get involved and select students and organize them in the process of application and Visa Procedures for going abroad. The selection and dispatch of students who were admitted to the plan was successfully completed. The 22 students who were admitted are actively preparing for their Visa Procedures of study abroad which lasts from mid-August to September.
        In the implementation of “ETPabroad”,  the internalized education at BIGC was promoted onto a new stage. With those fundamental changes in education, BIGC moves forward in the pursuit of being a world-renowned university with its own characteristics.