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BIGC Participated in the Annual Conference on the 121 CHEPD Program Date:2015-11-27    Source{curArticle.source}    Author:    Hits:

The annual conference of the 121 CHEPD Program in 2015 and the 12th graduation ceremony was held at Huaqiao University in Xiamen from 15 to 17 in June with 260 representatives at home and abroad participated and negotiated to enhance cooperation for the mutual development between Chinese and American universities and colleges. Bai Yang, who was in Grade 2011, and came from the school of Press and Publishing at BIGC, was awarded the Bachelor Degree and diplomas by BIGC and US partners, and became the first Fresh graduate at BIGC among those students who were admitted to the 121 Sino-US CHEPD Programs.

The heads from BIGC attached much attention to the annual conference, and dispatched the deans of relevant departments (the school of international education, the office of educational administrative, the school of arts and design, and the school of economy and management) to participate in the conference.

Guided by the theme ofbroaden the international vision, promote international students mobility, provide high-quality service of overseas study, the annual conference consisted of the Forum of presidents from Chinese and US universities and colleges, the graduation ceremony of the 12th graduates, the meeting of negotiation and cooperation between Chinese and US universities and colleges, the seminar on disciplinary construction in environmental science, and the workshop on the running of 121 Experimental Class.

BIGC was officially admitted to this program in 2012. By the end of 2014, 8 students were selected and sent to America for further study, whereas in the year of 2015, 12 students were covered, the number of which triplicated compared with that of years ago. On behalf of the Chinese participants, BIGC was invited as a keynote speaker for its successful running of Sino-US Experimental Class in 2014. This annual conference exerted positive influence in the process of promoting the international education at BIGC.

On the morning of June 16, at the seminar on credits recognition and Experimental Class construction, Li Xiaoquan, the Dean of International Education delivered a speech entitled “Practices and Experiences in Running the 121 CHEPD Experimental Class”. He gave an introduction of the background information of the experimental class, and the major methods adopted in the running of the experimental classes, as well as the achievements obtained accordingly. He shared with the representatives from universities and colleges who were admitted to the program the experiences accumulated from dealing with routine business concerning the 121 Program. Based on the experiences already accumulated, BIGC would organize an experimental class of Art to extend the scope of experimental classes to be held in 2015 and further highlight the strengths of specialties in the internalized process of discipline construction. His speech was fully recognized and highly appreciated by those participants from universities and colleges at home and abroad in 121 programs.

Communication and discussion in aspects of course articulation and training of teachers was held between Participants from Chinese and America at this conference. In the implementation of the 121 CHEPD program, the process of standardization and humanization serve as the key. The Chinese students can get used to the teaching style and study environment in America, if they were selected and studied in the experimental class in advance in China. In the running of Sino-US Experimental Class, with a series of reformation strategies employed in teaching and management mechanism accordingly, BIGC adopted positive and effective attempts and creative innovations in the internalized process of talents cultivation, training teachers and discipline construction to enhance the construction of long-term mechanism of effects in developing the management system of international education.

Furthermore, all the Chinese participants highly appreciated “the Summer Program”, which was a derivative program from the 121 program of Experimental Classes and was originally initiated between BIGC and CCU. The teaching model of “courses are delivered by teachers from BIGC and US partner, with specialized course by teachers from America” was employed as an innovative teaching methods and presented to be brand new since it brought advantaged teaching resources into China and adopted innovative methods to improve the quality of internalized education in talents cultivation.

Served as the organizer of the 121 program, CCIEE highly appreciated BIGC’s contribution for its efforts and innovative attempts adopted in the internalized process of higher education and talents cultivation.

Background Information:

The 121 CHEPD Programs was initiated to enhance the cooperation in communications between Chinese and US partner and prepare internationally-oriented professionals. Since 2001, The program has been developed into an important platform of cooperation and communications between Chinese and American universities with the largest number of participating universities, the longest lasting time of duration, and the most extensive fields in communications and cooperation.

BIGC was officially admitted to the CHEPD 121 program in 2012 as a Chinese participant. By June, 2015, the number of universities admitted increased from 7(3 from China and 4 from US) to 135(109 from China and 26 from US), the number of students exchanged increase from 35 to 50 previously to 2400 presently, among which 1400 students were awarded bachelor’s degrees and diplomas from Chinese and US universities simultaneously.