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David DeCenzo(the CCU President )Visited BIGCDate:2015-11-26    Source{curArticle.source}    Author:    Hits:

David DeCenzothe CCU President Visited BIGC
   The Closing Ceremony of the First Sino-US Summer Program was Held at BIGC
   On the morning of June 12, David DeCenzothe CCU President, Darlathe Director of International Initiatives and their group visited BIGC. President DeCenzo and his group paid this visit for the purpose of discussing in-depth about the international communication program between the two universities, and participating in the closing ceremony of the Sino-US Summer Program held by the School of Arts and Design, as well as granting certificates for those students who participated in the program.
 Xu Wencai, the Vice President of BIGC warmly received them and talked with DeCenzo and other Directors participated in the meeting such as Li Xiaoquan, the Dean of the International Education College, Zhang Xiaodong, the Dean of the College of Arts and Design , Liu Yi, the Dean of the College of Economy and Management, Jiang Dongsheng, the deputy director of Educational Administrative, Liuyang, the vice dean of the International Education College and the deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange.
 On behalf of Wang Yongsheng and all the staff and faculty members at BIGC, Xu Wencai ( the president of BIGC), warmly welcomed DeCenzo and his group, and gave a brief introduction of the historical transformations of BIGC. Xu Wencai expressed that the administratives from the two sides paid much attention to the 121 Sino-US Program and hope that the cooperation between the two sides can moves onto a new stage based on the experiences accumulated in the running of the Summer Program. Xu Wencai extended heartfelt thanks to the staff and faculties from CCU for their efforts and achievements. He hoped that the two sides could further extend fields of cooperation in the next step, strengthen the implementation of Program of Student Exchange and the Program of teachers Exchange, continue the present programs of cooperation and extend the fields of communication together with the cooperation models of 121 programs, Summer Program and Experimental Class.


              Xu Wencaithe vice president of BIGC met and talked with DeCenzothe president of CCU

      DeCenzo thanked Xu for his warm welcome and reception. He believed that the experimental class and the Summer Program would provide good opportunities for the students to get involved in course learning and cultural communication. He further illustrated that both CCU and BIGC shared similarities in the history of running schools, and that CCU also paid much attention to the affairs of international communication.

      Darla reviewed the efforts in cooperation between the two universities, and proposed that the two sides should move on to timely fulfill the goal of cooperation in the aspects as to time arrangements and study fields, and hope that the sides can continue their cooperation in–depth in recent years. Darla introduced the programs of sending Chinese teachers abroad for further study under the framework of those agreements signed. She expressed that CCU can help Chinese teachers from BIGC seeking for supervisors in relevant majors and departments. Presently, a program of 8-week International lecturers was initiated at CCU, seeking for those teachers who are able to teach and communicate in English. The teachers admitted will be paid accordingly. Darla discussed with those directors from teaching departments at BIGC and further elaborated in aspects as to the program of MBA, Duel-Degree of Master, Experimental Class, credits transferring, and the Model of Joint Training.

       Xu Wencai highly appreciated US partners’ contributions, and expressed that he wish the cooperation between the two sides in course articulation and credits transferring can be further continued under the framework of Sino-US talent cultivation, and made the cooperation programs a perfect influential model of high-level and special characteristics. He hope that further cooperation of academic research, program initiating, programs of exchanging visiting scholars can be continued in Engineering, and propose that relevant teaching departments enhance the cooperation with CCU with regard to the specific details of programs that follow
On the very afternoon, the closing ceremony of the Summer Program was held at the conference room in the Building of Arts & Design, hosted by Liuyang. The student representatives from Graphic Design and Strategic Management gave presentations and the presidents from the  two sides send gifts and extended their thanks to each other.

the Presidents from the two Sides Sent Gifts to Each Other

      Darla reviewed those important items of the arrangements and the impressive moments in the duration of the Summer Program. The presidents from the two sides awarded certificates for those participating students, and took group pictures. Xu Wencai, DeCenzo and the representative students from BIGC and CCU delivered speech respectively. Li Xiqoquan and Darla gave speeches of conclusion for that closing ceremony, and all the participants took group photos in front of the Building of Arts& Design.

                       the Impressive Moments in the Closing Ceremony

                        all the Participants Took Group Photos


      The two sides accumulated experiences from the successful running of the Summer Program, and made significant achievements in making the Program as a new model of practice to follow in the cooperation of communication between higher educational institutions from China and America. Students from China and US  shared the advantaged teaching resources, get together and participated in this Program, which further enhances the communications in classes and culture between the two sides. It’s believed that the cooperation in education between BIGC and CCU will be everlasting, everfreshing, perfect and mature.