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The Opening Ceremony of the Sino-US Experimental Classes in 2015 Was Successfully InauguratedDate:2015-11-25    Source{curArticle.source}    Author:    Hits:

The opening ceremony of the experimental classes was successfully held on 21th, September. Professor Darla, the Associate Provost for Global Initiatives of Coastal Carolina University, the faculty and administrators concerned from BIGC participated in this ceremony. The experimental classes run smoothly, which promote the process of internalized education and lay a solid foundation for the preparation of internationally-oriented talents.

Li, Xiaoquan, the Dean of the School of International Education gave a brief introduction of the background information of the program. He attached much significance to the running of the experimental classes and presented a general picture of the characteristics of the specialties and majors put forward, as well as the expectation and requirements for those students admitted. The introduction provided by Li facilitated the students understanding the program and detailed requirements completely and clearly, assisted the students in adopting a goal for future study, and pointed at a direction of endeavor for those students to follow.

                        Li Xiaoquan, the Dean of the School of International Education 
                                     delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

Wang Wei, the Vice Director of the Office of Educational Administration, briefly introduced the innovation and adjustment adopted in teaching methods, as well as the efforts exerted in curriculum articulation and registration management of students’ status, and promised that the faculty from the Office of Educational Administration would support with utmost endeavor in the following-up work to provide better service and more guidance for the students. Both teachers expected that the students would study hard, improve their English skills, and successfully complete the four years of study to achieve the certificates and diplomas granted by CCU and the originating institution.


Wang Wei, the Vice Director of the Office of Educational Administration

gave an introduction of the teaching process of the 121 Experimental Class

Darla gave an introduction of the basic information of Coastal Carolina University.

Darla introduced the Coastal Carolina University on the opening ceremony. Furthermore, she will hold lectures on Graphic Design and Business in the following four days for the experimental classes.

The 121 Program was jointly organized and administrated by CEAIE, CCIEE and AASCU. It’s a new form of internalized educational cooperation with two-way student and faculty exchanges of Chinese and American universities. Presently it serves as a program under the high-level consultation mechanism framework. CCIEE and AASCU select qualified universities (public) to participate in the program. By the end of March, 2015, a total of 132 universities (107 Chinese Universities and 25 American Universities) have participated in this program. For further information, please refer to the website as following: www. cciee121. com.)

The 121 Experimental Class of Art and Design took group photos

The 121 Experimental Class of Economics and Management took group photos

Based on the teaching resources provided by the US partners participated in the CHEPD 121 Program, coordinated with the School of International Education, the Office of Educational Administration, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Art and Design jointly organized the two 121 Experimental Classes. In the first academic year, the students admitted will study at BIGC. CCIEE and AASCU will cooperate and select US universities as teaching partners. Some of the courses will be lectured by the faculty from US universities. In the second and third academic year, the students will study in America (the students need to choose the subjects from BSU in accordance with their majors at BIGC). In the fourth academic year, the students will come back and study at BIGC. The students will be awarded certificates and degrees granted by US universities and BIGC at the completion of the four years of study.